Guess who's birthday:-)

[size=150]Whoes birthday today?[/size]

WHOSE birthday, not WHO’S

And you left out baby Jesus. :unamused:

Where I live, there is a story told (probably untrue, but who cares?) that one morning of 25th December, the phone rang in the Porters’ Lodge of Jesus College. When the duty porter picked up the receiver, a donnish voice said “Is that Jesus?” to which the porter replied “Yes”. The voice said “Happy Birthday” and rang off.


LOL thanks.

(Ironically, it’s also my fiance’s birthday. Which is awesome because it guarantees I’ll never forget his birthday. He’s something like 11 hours short of being exactly a year younger. :wink: )

There is another story that back in the mists of the 50s, someone rang the Senior Tutor of Jesus College, who answered it in his usual way, “Tutor of Jesus”, only to be told, “May I congratulate you on your pupil!”

Also probably apocryphal.


[size=150]Happy Birthday G&HE[/size]

[size=150]Vic x x [/size]

woosz! ooz! wheoses! whoes! whose…WGA…
and the kid gets his turn tomorrow. :wink:

Happy Birthday!

I would offer you a drink, but it looks like Santa beat you to it.

What a Cheapskate! Not even Jack Daniels; I dunno, Christmas just ain’t what it used to be…

Wouldn’t y know it! Trust one of the ‘Moderators’ t’screw it all up!
Never mind kids…HERE COMES CHRISTMAS & SLADE!!! :smiley:


And leave it to vic-k to bring us back from the brink of a bad trip. 8)