GUI Optimizations: Translucent Black Hud

I love the implementations of the translucent black hud in Scrivener. Additionally, I’ve fallen in love with the Scratch Pad. Since the Scratch Pad is already “functional”, I’d wager my wish might fall to the bottom of the barrel. Nevertheless, I would love to see the Scratch Pad take on the HUD interface. The fact that the Scratch Pad has the very useful float feature, would marry exceptionally well with the translucency attribute of the HUD. The ability to glimpse through the ScratchPad would be a very helpful usability feature when it comes to floating the HUD. A collapse arrow would ice that cake! : ) Keep up the incredible work!


Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener here and elsewhere on the forum.

Another user asked for much the same, but I don’t really think the scratch pad should be a HUD, for the following reason: HUD panels tend to be used either in full screen or where they are designed to float over a single application for constant reference. By contrast, the scratch pad’s primary use is for floating over other applications. That is, the idea is that you can hit “Float” and keep it in a corner of your screen whilst working in Safari, Preview or anywhere else. Whenever you come across some information that is useful, you can copy it into the scratch pad for later user in Scrivener. Were it a HUD, it would be a little more distracting whilst working in other applications. The aqua grey makes it fairly unobtrusive. Moreover, the thin title bar and square corners means that it takes up a minimum of space when tucked into the corner of the screen.

That’s what I think, anyway, but given that it wouldn’t take much to turn it into a HUD, I’m open to counter-arguments. :slight_smile: I just think that a black translucent panel in the corner of the screen constantly while you are working in other apps might be a little distracting.


Though the black HUD could serve to help distinguish the notepad from other apps you may have open. The Shiira Browser makes use of the black HUDs for a Bookmarks panel and a History panel which helps to differentiate from the main browser window.

It still seems a bit glaring to me…

I agree. Just offering a counter point. Perhaps if there were some way to make it an option but that may be more work than it’s worth. I actually just use VoodooPad to take notes in when I’m using other apps.