GUI updates

Hi, love Scrivener. Thanks for making it.

I also use Omnioutliner for brainstorming plot points, and soon it will undergo an upgrade in which the interface will be updated to match current trends in interface in OS X.

Scrivener might benefit from the same type of ui tweak as Omnioutliner.

So I suppose this is a wish for the same features in an updated package. The ui might seem to some a less pressing matter than new features, but since I spend all my Scrivener time looking at it and only some of my time using any particular feature, the look and feel is at the top of my list.

Could you clarify what you mean by that? We follow pretty much all of the current Cocoa standards, with the main exception being those awful monochrome icons that mean nothing to the eyeball (and fortunately it looks like even Apple is ditching that look, if iTunes is to be considered a vanguard). If you open up Pages, or Mail for instance, you’ll see the most everything is up to date with these programs.

OmniOutliner is updating the interface to use the blue source-style sidebar instead of a drawer, as the source-list sidebar is the more modern convention. Scrivener already does this - its interface has always been updated to meet the latest standards. I see that OmniOutliner is also going the awful monochrome toolbar icons route (what a shame; yet another app loses usability), but I suppose it’s less of a problem in OmniOutliner given that it has fewer toolbar icons, and monochrome doesn’t detract from usability too much when you only have five or six icons in the toolbar. It’s not appropriate for Scrivener, though, given the number of toolbar icons it has, just as it’s not appropriate for Pages, iWork, iBooks Author, Word, etc. (And thank Thor that iTunes has gone back to using colours in the sidebar icons - it’s usable again! Here’s hoping that Apple follow suit with the Finder and Mail.) In all other things, Scrivener follows all modern UI guidelines, so I’m not sure what there is to update, really.

So, the “look and feel” of Scrivener is already of a modern, Mountain Lion app, and even better, it actually has usable icons rather than ones that look spiffy in screenshots but can’t be located when you need them. :slight_smile: It is a “classic” modern interface based on usability rather than a gimmicky interface, though, I will give you that.

All the best,

After reading the replies to my request, I have read other forums as well and realize that I am in the minority on this issue - I like the attempt at distraction free environments, of which monochromatic icons are a part. I really like a “clean”, not busy interface, at the cost of colour and what many call usability.

Interesting - but then that’s why there are so many flavours of gum.

Getting rid of distractions is what Compose mode is for. To a lesser extent, auto-hiding the toolbar, binder and inspector in full-screen mode also allows you to have a less busy interface while still benefiting from the color cues that you (can*) get in those elements.

  • The binder can be color-coded by status if you choose to do that, which provides a busier interface, but it’s very handy for high-level views. There’s not a lot of color business to be had in the inspector; the keywords pane being the main exception.