Guidance required re changing Project name

I have used one name for my current book project since i started writing it three months ago. Let’s call it “Old.scriv”. But latterly I decided to publish the book with a different title, and have now almost finished it and plan to leave it with that new title “New.scriv”.

However I don’t want to leave it in my files under that old name as I know it will cause continued confusion in the future.

In the light of the fact that backups and saves are in different locations etc. can Scrivener advise on the best method to go about this safely, to avoid a potential file mess/disaster ?

I’m not sure if I understand you completely, but wouldn’t “Save as” New.scriv fulfil your need?

And what about the auto backups and closing down backups ? and existing saved versions ?

You can quit scrivener and rename the project (and any “Save-As” copies you may have made) to the “New” name using the Mac Finder.

As for the backups, I’d leave them alone for now. As you continue working on this project, Scrivener will create new backups based on the “New” name, leaving the old backups in place. Renaming all of those backups could confuse matters. At some point in the future, you could then delete the “Old” backups, having created a comfortable buffer of newer backups.