Guide to Different Ways of Organizing

I know Scrivner supports multiple ways of organizing (metadata tags). Is there a guide for all of these somewhere?

Your user tag says you’re a Windows Scrivener user, but this was posted in the Mac support forum. It’s really a “Using Scrivener” question, though, and has been moved accordingly.

The chapter in the manual on Organizing Your Work has a good overview of the available tools. It’s Chapter 10 in the Mac Scrivener manual; I’m not sure where it is in the Windows version.

The primary metadata fields are Label, Status, and Keywords. You can also create your own custom metadata. And of course the Title and Synopsis are both searchable and can both contain whatever information you like.

Whether you use metadata or not, you can also use links, bookmarks, and/or collections to keep track of related files in the project.

Is there something specific that you’re trying to accomplish?