Hal Hartley

Is anyone else here a fan of the works of film-maker Hal Hartley? For my birthday, the better half bought me Surviving Desire with two other short films because she knew I was a fan. I appreciate that he’s a bit of an acquired taste, but I love the way he gets actors to deliver what would otherwise be pretentious, quasi-philosophical lines in a hilariously deadpan and intentionally wooden way. Including such gems as:

“You can’t beat up a student just because he doesn’t like the works of Dostoyevsky.”

“You can’t come into my flat, use my toaster, and start spouting universal truths without qualification.”

“I’m a writer.”
“No, you’re a cheap realtor, and you are bad at your job.”
“I’m bad at my job on purpose, because if I wasn’t, I might become what I do for a living.”

Yes, Happy Birthday for yesterday, Keith! Hope it was a good one. :smiley:

Hmmm. Actually I’ve not heard of Hal Hartley and a quick scan of his IMDB page doesn’t reveal anything I’ve seen. I’ll look 'em up as it sounds like it could be my sort of thing.

PS… Happy new signature day as well!

I saw “The Book of Life” and absolutely loved it. I need to check out his other works. Book of Life was brilliant, IMO.

One of my favourite parts of Book of Life is where the Book of Revelation turns out to be a (Mac) notebook, on which he opens the Fifth Seal with the click of the mouse and gets presented with an “Are you sure you want to open the 5th seal?” pop-up:

That was clever. I loved this bit of dialogue, too:

Edie: “Are you really the devil?”
Satan: “Yes.”
Edie: “Would you like some soup?”
Her boyfriend: “She’s Buddhist.”

Just watch Crank.

Pfft, why would I watch Crank when Crank 2 is even better? If there’s anything more incredible than watching a giant inflatable Jason Statham suit fight among electricity pylons in a jacked-up homage to Godzilla, then I don’t know what it is. F*** you Chelios!