Half of running heads won't show up in compile

In Scrivener 3, I’m compiling to a .doc (Word) format, using a custom paperback template.
I have “Use Facing Pages” checked on the Page Settings screen, and the “Header & Footer text” boxes are filled out.
When I compile, some chapters include the title running head on the recto page,
and other chapters include the author running head on the verso, but no
chapter includes both running heads.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

When you say recto you mean odd-numbered pages and verso is even? Are your chapters set to start on a recto page?

Yes, I mean odd- and even-numbered pages.

And I don’t know how to specify that chapters start on odd-numbered pages.
They do not seem to be doing so.


Just as a note, .doc doesn’t have the option to start sections on recto / verso pages; .docx does. See images below.




Aha! A key bit of information. Thanks for the reply.

I switched to .docx, and the first time I compiled, the running heads showed up properly, but something else (I forget what) was awry, so I made some change or other. Now the running heads won’t show up at all. The footers work. All the right boxes seem to be checked, including “start section on recto page.”
Any ideas?

Operator error … but I can’t tell you what operator error without seeing more details.


If the header and footer placeholders are still listed under “first pages” and / or “main pages”, and if the “options” tab under “page settings” has the settings you want, then:

  1. Are the page settings correct? Have they been changed? On the top of the “page settings” panel, there is a “preview” button. If you press that, do you see a preview with the header and footer text in place for both the “first pages” and “main body”? (See images below.)

  2. As a test, if you compile to PDF, does the header text appear?


[attachment=0]Preview 2.png[/attachment]