Hallelujah! 1.9.70

I was one of the uses who had trouble with the last 2 releases.
HOWEVER, 1.9.70 installed with flying colors.
Hallelujah! I’m dancing in the streets.
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Send us photos dancing, Marta! Enjoy! :wink:

It didn’t work for me at all, won’t open just like last time.

Me too…nada…it means it’s still not working…

Sorry guys, try the ScrivenerLog.bat file from within the installation folder. Run it as Administrator, if you have installed inside the Program Files directory. If nothing from the log file helps you trace the problem, try to create a process explorer log file for the Scrivener executable and forward it(together with the Scrivener log file) to the Windows Desktop support email address. Hopefully we will be able to spot the issue on your machine.

I have no idea what that all means. I reinstalled 1.9.0 and will stick with it since it works with no issues.

This might be your second language “Computers” but I’m lucky I found the log.bat file… and it doesn’t do anything (doesn’t log anything)
and I have no idea how to do the rest of what your talking about…
Good Luck to Us …I guess… I’ll have to start exploring other software

How about a dump file ?

One bug (or maybe isn’t a bug – I may be in a different mode and need to get out of it)
In the older Scrivener when I clicked on a folder with several files, it opened in the binder section so I could see the names of the files.

Occasionally in 1.9.70, when I do this operation the PLUS SIGN goes away and I don’t see the contents in the binder
Any suggestions?

PS I do NOT know if this is relevant, but I recently began using a registry cleaner called REG ORGANIZER which found MANY registry errors from earlier versions of software which I’d upgraded from, uninstalled programs, and even deleted files. :question:
Is it possible that the issue with Scrivener was a REGISTRY ERROR from multiple versions?
I do not know, but its something to ponder

@Marta: I do not believe the registry cleaner will help you with Scrivener. Every new version of Scrivener is reusing the already existing registry settings, and does not create new ones for each version. Most likely new entries will be created for the new options. Upon Uninstalling Scrivener the registry cleaner might be useful, although we do remove everything as much as possible from the registry.
The + sign should work as before and nothing has changed here. Try the Right arrow key, it should do the same when you have troubles with the plus. Another advice, try with a new or different computer mouse. Sometime they break over time, and the click might not be always working reliably. I usually change a mouse once per year, because of troubles with the click button hardware.

Starting Scrivener in log mode is explained in several threads, and even in threads which you have commented, guys. Here comes one more time:

  1. Navigate into the installation folder and double-click the “ScrivenerLog” file inside. This will launch Scrivener, with a console window and show you some output.
  2. If you do not get a LOG file within the log subfolder, most probably you need to start Scrivener as Administrator. You need to press Shift + Right Click over the “ScrivenerLog” file and choose Run As Administrator.

If you do not get a LOG file within the log subfolder, or a LOG console, some other tool on your machine is blocking/preventing Scrivener from starting up. There are so many tools and third party software that we cannot list them all, guys. You have to call your local computer doctor/expert for help, or contact windows support, which might give you further guidance how to create process explorer files specific to Scrivener.

Providing a dump file is also an option, if you have any within the “minidump” subdirectory. If you do not get a LOG file/console most likely you will also not get a minidump.