Halp! Scratchpad notes gone. O_O

I updated to Mojave last night. I imagine that is the cause of my scratchpad notes disappearing? :open_mouth:

I don’t know where to start to fix this. Halp??

The Scratch Pad is only a folder with text files in it. It’s unlikely Mojave deleted anything.
Have you searched in Finder for Scratch?

Just now with your suggestion. I’m not seeing anything. :frowning:

Oh. There it is. Got it.

Thanks! I…figured out the problem thanks to you. I had to move documents off of my computer to make room for the update, and I didn’t realize the Scratchpad folder went with it.

Thank you! I would have never figured that out by myself! :open_mouth:

Scrivener is a very robust system. :slight_smile: