Handling spaces when moving words/group of words around.

When editing a draft, a lot of moving around of a word - or a group of words - is obviously bound to happen.

When doing so in LibreOffice Writer, selecting a word (or a group of words) and moving it elsewhere in the sentence or text, takes care of the spaces that came before and after. You don’t have to select them as well - you may simply select a word by double-clicking it and drag it elsewhere. The software handles inserting/removing the spaces before and after the word/group of words in question.
I find that very useful. (Much faster than manually selecting the spaces too, or having to fix things - where the word(s) came from as well as where you dropped it/them - afterwards. Big time saver.)

Would be nice - “nicer” actually 8) - if Scrivener could do that.
Thanks, :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I am running the windows version.