hanging while scrolling

I split the screen with a pdf on one side and a text doc on the other. However, every time I try to scroll up or down on either document it freezes for a couple of seconds and says “This program is not responding”. It wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t happen every 20 seconds or so.

I am using the Windows version. Please tell me how I can fix this. It didn’t used to happen when I first got the software a couple of days ago.

Hmm. I just tried your arrangement, both with a fairly long (55 pages) and large (image-based, 5MB) pdf in the right side panel.

I don’t see any speed issues going from page to page. You did say this problem seemed to develop days after you first had the split set up.

What this makes me think of is some kind of load issue on your PC itself.

  • are you comfortable to use the Windows Task Manager to look at how much CPU is being used, and by what processes?

You might get a very good clue there. There could be a ‘stuck’ process or application which isn’t showing on your screen.

  • There could also be a situation like many tabs open in the Chrome browser, which will consistently eat up a lot of your CPU capacity (this will also show up on Task Manager as many active ‘chrome.exe’ processes. ‘Many’ means more than five or so – Chrome has been getting worse and worse on this problem. A new version of Firefox is a much better browser if you like to keep a lot of tabs open, because it only loads and maintains the tab you are viewing.

  • As a general thing to try, shut down your applications, saving anything you want saved, and shut down your PC or notebook; then after it is quiet with all lights off, start it again. Restart is almost surely just as good, but when there are problems I like to be sure the start is really fresh.

Here you could discover that your computer just needed to be rebooted. It used to be that to reboot once a day was a pretty necessary rule on windows. As of Windows 7, typically you can go a lot longer. Still, every few days would be a very good idea, as there are so many places things can go a little wrong, few of which you would have any direct indication of.

Hope one of these will help. Scrivener I think most of us find is very clean and reliable, though my ears pricked up hearing it was about PDF view, where an external library is used.

Good fortune, and be sure to note what you find, so that Support persons can help or otherwise be informed.