Hangs when Scrivenings -- Windows Beta 024


I have a large manuscript, about 78,000 words. I’m getting a hang when I try to get a Scrivenings of the whole thing. Starting from the corkboard view, here are the steps leading to the hang:

  1. In the Binder, click on Manuscript. (The folder that contains all my files.)
  2. Click on Scrivenings Mode in the tool bar.

I receive the hourglass, which never completes. In fact, my whole system slows to a crawl; for example, it takes about 10 minutes to bring up the Task Manager so I can kill the process, which in turn takes a long time.

Thank you,


Hello Beachgal,

What Operating System are you running, and how much RAM do you have? Providing us with this information may help us narrow down the cause of the problem.


Hi Stacey,

Windows XP Professional 2002 SP 3
2.00 GB RAM

Thank you!

I’ve just tried the same thing with my NaNo draft of 50, 000 words. There was a slight hang of a few seconds but it did display in Scrivening’s mode.

Second test. Duplicating to make manuscript 100k and repeating OP’s steps resulted in a hang of about 15s but it did load.

Beachgal are you running other applications beside Scrivener? For example when I did the tests I was running:
[] Firefox 4
]Thunderbird 3.1
[]TweetDeck 0.37.5
] VLC media player 1.1.9
[] Radio Downloader
] Three open Scrivener projects
[*] Windows Explorer window

My System Specs

Beta 024
Vista Home Premium SP2

You probably don’t need to include version numbers, I just did that in case it was use of the developers.

Hi Stacey,

3 open PDFs
2 open Word documents
An Internet Explorer session
A Firefox session
Window Explorer

I just tried it and it did eventually do the Scrivenings build. I left after a full minute when it didn’t finish so I don’t know how long it actually took. But when I came back, my system was running very slowly. I tried shutting all those apps except the two Internet browsers and my system’s performance is back to normal. I’m going to try to do it again now, with all those apps closed and see what happens.



It seems to be working okay now. Seems like my system is underpowered for running a lot of apps at the same time as Scriveners. I’ll keep that in mind when I’m working on my project. Should be okay.

Thanks for your help!