Happy 10th Birthday to This Forum

Originally wanted to congratulate Ioa on the tenth anniversary of his Join date. That too, but it’s actually the tenth anniversary of the present Literature and Latte forum itself, based on the first public posts on this platform. There was a prior forum, and Scrivener was still a highly regarded beta when this board was created.

On what date do we commemorate the creation or release of this remarkable program itself? Congrats especially to Keith, who had a firm sense of how he wanted to work, and brought the requisite tool to life.

Keith’s first post: Welcome to the new forums

Amber’s first post: Paint and Particles

Best Wishes – Jerome

Birthday cake for the forum:
[size=200] iii[/size]

Interesting to read Keith’s hopes for forum topics:

"I would be very happy if people want to use these forums not only for Scrivener-related issues, but also to discuss writing, reading or literature in general. The option is there, at least. :slight_smile: "

I think things have moved rather more to nuts and bolts and issues over the past few years. When I first started visiting the forum it seemed to have more of the the broader content: anyone remember “Note Blizzard”? I learned a lot from that one.

Thanks all! Ioa emailed me yesterday to say the same thing - ten years of this forum and site, wow!

JJSlote - the first beta of Scrivener went out in October 2005, but Scrivener 1.0 was officially released in January 2007, and L&L officially incorporated as a limited company around April, I think, so we have a couple of big birthdays coming up!

Dr Dog: we have a complete site and forum overhaul coming up later in the year, and as part of that I really want to get back to that community feel of talking about anything, especially writing and reading. The site will get a warmer feel, and the forum is being simplified, with some subforums merged. When you come to the forum, the main sections will be Scrivener, Scapple, Reading and Writing. So the community part will be prioritised just as much as the product part. I still really would love the forum to expand out into something less nuts and bolts, while retaining the support parts.

Thanks and all the best,

But where will Vic-k, nom, and I be allowed to hang out? you can’t just remove the bilge from the ship captain!

The primordial, miasmic nature of the bilges, with its residential microbial/bacterial lifeforms, along with the more primitive bilge rats ( bilge rattus rattus, commonly known aboard Scrivener, as, Portlanders or ‘Not another Portlander!!’), is indispensable to, and inseparable from, the very fabric of a life of Literary endeavour aboard the leaky old pirate ship, Scrivener. So, like the poor, the bilges will always be with us. You can relax.

However, numpty, there is nothing stopping you from joining in with the scintillating cut and thrust of intellectual discussion and debate, that is a permanent feature of life on Scriv’s lower decks.

[size=200]HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCRIV!![/size]
Vic x x x x

There will always be a crack at the bottom of the forum where the foulest broth gathers, and it will almost surely go on being referred to by the euphemism, “latte”.

Happy belated forum day! :slight_smile:

We have a belated forum? :open_mouth: Who knew!?

A belated happy forum day to us all! :smiley:

Dear Kevin,

It has come to my attention that your list is woefully lacking in coffee. As the company is named “Literature and Latte,” this is an oversight that must be corrected.


Garpu the Fork.