Happy B'Day Lee (LAP)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG ‘N’ :smiling_imp:

I missed this one. :blush: Did it happen at the weekend?

Hope it was a good one, Lee! :smiley:

Happy belated birthday!

Oh Mister Bob! :open_mouth: You wicked…wicked pedant baiter :smiling_imp: Shame on you.

A very, very, ‘Happy belated birthday’, to

I live to serve. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hold that his birthday is belated because he lives upside-down… and time zones, and marsupials are to blame! How could his special day NOT be delayed?

indeed Mr Bob…and why not extended/prolonged with the holy herb

So Cheech and Chong are still cruising around eh?

Way late happy birthday!

Argh! Don’t how I missed it*, but Happy Birthday!

[size=85]*Actually, it’s all part of a cunning plan to extend your birthday celebrations for weeks[/size]

Supposed to be my turn tomorrow to offer congratulations, but I just can’t wait, sooo…
A very Happy Birthday! :smiley: