Happy Birthday David!

Happy birthday to the shadowy DeeJay, maker of videos and driver of the world’s lowest car!

I won’t give away his age, but let’s just say he was born in the early years of a decade in which platform heels were fashionable - although David himself never wears them outside the house.

Happy birthday Mr Johnson!

All the best,

P.S. For those completists who read every thread on this forum (are you insane?) and who therefore may have noticed me mention in another thread that it was my son’s birthday today: No, DeeJay is not actually my son, and I am not partaking in child labour. My son was just born on the same day. Which brings me to…

P.P.S. Yes, this thread is partly in existence because I am such a poor friend that I have yet to buy Mr J his birthday present. Sorry, David! I will make sure it’s something good for when you visit though - although obviously I can’t buy anything too big because it would never fit in your car.

[size=150]CHEAPSKATE!! [/size]

Happy birthday Dodgey :laughing: youtube.com/watch?v=yolLqx6k … re=related
From Fluff & all at/in vic-k`s brain :wink:

Happy Birthday David!

Have a good one.

So you are calling me insane. I can live with that. I get called worse pretty frequently.

As to the child labor, the shadow seems to be pretty … shadowy. There isn’t much to support his actual existence other than a scheduled post over in the tips thread. Are you sure is isn’t a figment of your imagination? I realize this will mean that, like me and the other +3, you would be friendless, but I assure you the depression is easily managed with copious amounts of liquor.

All right, you asked for it, and seeing as it is his birthday…


And note the look of adoration he’s giving me, which surely must presage the boss-employee turn that our relationship would take twenty years later!


P.S. I cropped that photo because I noticed that not only was I wearing a classy Le Shark shirt, but I also had it tucked in (tucked in!) to stonewashed drainpipes. Brrr. The folly of youth (even if the follicles were better).

Happy birthday, David! Are you really hundreds of years old, or is Keith’s platform-shoe dating system a bit unreliable? Platforms (or pattens, at any rate) were the height of coolth and mudlessness in the medieval period, and as you can see from this picture, the style had become quite extravagant by the 18th century in Turkey: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Jean-%C3%89tienne_Liotard_007.jpg

By the way, if a chap hinted to me that I would be getting a present but that it would be rather small in size, I would be thinking diamonds… :wink:

Happy birthday to mini-KB, too.

Sorry, should have posted the fully body shot:

Either KB is exceptionally tall or the shadow-figment needs a small car just to clear the dash.

I heard he’s craving for an iPad. Might even fit in his car.

Happy birthday, oh descendant of the funny decade.

Thank you one and all for your kind birthday wishes! Well, with a slightly sore head this morning, I thought I’d search through my box of photos and respond with proof that Keith and I have always been slaves to fashion. This shot harkens back to the dark days before my liberating adoption of Turkish attire. A birthday occasion, with Keith getting all dapper in his blue suit and with his Lego hair on! As you can see, we’ve always done well with the ladies. My Mom managed to organise my sister and two of her friends to attend my 5th! I’ll put it to Keith that we should attend our Christmas company gathering (dinner for two) in a similar get-up for 2010.

Brilliant, bad hair, bad clothes and now you point out that our moms had to bribe people to come to our parties. We get a bad enough rap in this forum as is, with my reputation for being grumpy and yours for not actually existing…

Grump looks as if hes on something there[size=200]^[/size] :open_mouth: Judging by the look on the face of the girl directly behind our dynamic duo, one of em has pffffffrrttted

I believe my pursed lips gives away the culprit! Too much cake. :blush:

Itd been gnawing away at the back of my empty cranial cavity, ever since Id clapped eyes on that group photo:? Something eery about it…but what? All my instinct telling me, "Dont go there!" I couldnt help it. Me and the cat went for a walk around the family seat, trying to clear our heads. Cat could sense it too. She became edgy. I had to carry the lazy bitch over three quarters of the way.

Back at Schloß K it struck! As the huge oak and iron doors closed behind me (us), the closing increased the air pressure inside the Grand Entrance Hall, causing my ears to pop! As I pinched my nose and swallowed trying to release the cranial pressure, it all came back to me. I dont mean a dollop of snot. I mean the blood chilling realisation: were under the control of:
[size=150]THE MIDWHICH CUCKOOS [/size]

I thought the Midwich Cuckoos were all Aryan-looking. At any rate, I think it’s quite evident from this photo that Keith, with his tailor-made blue suit and Brian Jones haircut, was the the King of the Mods. Granted, he was about a decade late and there can’t have been many Mods over which he might have lorded himself, but then he was only five. Quite an impressive feat at any age, really. And the look on his face—tell me that isn’t the look of someone who’s just been to a scooter rally where the amphetamines were being gobbled down like candy. Or maybe they were candy. For a five-year-old the effect is the same.

I’d also like to extend birthday wishes to David. His fashion sense appears to have remained impeccable throughout the years.

They`re the [size=200]WEST BROMWICH BRANCH of the MIDWICH CUCKOOS[/size]


It’s two days late, but it would be totally remiss of me to not say happy birthday David, and happy birthday child of KB.

I am sure you’re not as old as I am!

Not remiss at all Pink! Thank you. I see that you’ve recently completed another circumsolar journey, so congratulations to you too!

All the best,