Happy birthday (?), LAP

It must be (?) LAP’s birthday. We just don’t know how old he is. But many happy returns.


If memory serves, it was young Kevin who mentioned that Lee was a 13yr old Aboriginal lad with an IQ of 200, who spends half of his time communing with his ancestors and the rest talking to his laptop. That makes him 14 today.
Happy birthday Lee :smiley:


Wherever you are…
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Last heard of passing time with Sir Keith and family around Christmas … maybe he’s still recovering from festive over-cheer?

Happy Birthday Lee!



I thought he was already 14 (so he would be turning 15) and during his down time he wrestled tiger sharks in the desert, was the jockey in a tortoise racing league, dug copper mines by hand in an afternoon, and catapulted captains into life boats with the flick of his belt.

Happy happy happy birthing day!

Happy (late) birthday! Here’s hoping they let you out of the cave for at least your birthday. :wink: