Happy Birthday Pigfender!!

[size=150]Happy[/size] [size=150]Birthday[/size] [size=150]Rog!![/size]

VIC :smiley: [/size]

What? Mr Piggy ages?

Good job surviving another circumnavigation of the nearest start. And by “good job” I refer to the fact that you didn’t manage to raise the ire of “Mrs” Fender to the point of being exterminated.

BTW, it isn’t too early to start NAID '15…

Happy birthday! (Heh, and I thought a Christmas Eve birthday was bad…(



X 先生

Haha, thanks Vic!

Jaysen, I age but I don’t mature. And yes, waaaaaay to early to contemplate anything like that.

Garpu, thanks! Yeah, it can make getting restaurant reservations a bit tough, but at least everyone is happy when we’re out!


‘Pigs bumper’ :open_mouth: :blush: bumping of pigs sounds illegal and immoral t’ me. Sounds like something you’d have been burnt at the stake for, in Tom Cromwell’s time :frowning:

Happy birthday from the future! I hope your day is/was enjoyable.

Thanks RDG! It was shall have been a fun day! :smiley:

Since the official name of the Cerne Abbas Giant translates as something like “great white streaker” and the Highland Games contains “strong men in skirts” in its rendering … and as a “fender” to you and to me, and anyone old enough, is an alternative name for a bumper on a car, i.e. something to fend off any possible collision from damaging the bodywork … a pigfender is therefore an esoteric version of a roo-bar.


Mr X

I will never look at the Cerne Abbas Giant in the same way again.

HB, pigfender.

I’m conflicted. Fender can be the classic “bumper”, what was once called a “quarter panel” (specifically the section we called the wheel well is now called “inner and outer finder”), or a mediocre manufacturer of guitars.

So there’s a lot of self-damaging imagery twirling around in my head around Mr Piggy. Including one of a muppet in a pink dress typing messages to the +3…

In my imagination, Mr. P freelances as a drummer for Iron Maiden (an iron maiden was I believe a device for constraining a sow after she’d given birth, before it became a name for an instrument of torture, so pig fender may = iron maiden). Thus Mr P is Nicko McBrain’s alter ego? In my imagination, as I say. :wink:

Oh, and many happy returns (for 363 days’ time).

So Mr Piggy is … fubar for days > 363?

That seems harsh…

a roo-bar roo, a roo, a-roo bar-aroo, a roo-bar roo-baby! A roo-bar a-roo scooby-do bar-roo dooby-do dobby-do :blush: oops! sorry! I was in the groove there for a mo. Got carried a way … sorry. :frowning:

Thanks Hugh and Briar

As good an explanation as any!

Well, quite.