GAWDDAMMIT we missed it again. Look, just stop having birthdays on the weekend will you?

Anyway, a very happy birthday to you for yesterday.

edit: For anyone who doesn’t know whose birthday it was, there is a very subtle clue in the video. See if you can guess.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! errrr… furry little thingy :smiling_imp:

yes, happy birthday nom.

<lies down nearby for warmth. just for the warmth mind. not because of any affection. none that i,d admit to, anyway.>


(although this word “subtle”, I don’t think it means what you think it means)

Is that to attract dinner? :wink:

It’s winter here, coldest morning of the year so far. Warmth greatly appreciated.
Sometimes warmth and company are enough, especially between cats and dogs.

Define “coldest”. I’m curious to see how sympathetic I might be inclined to feel.

Coldest morning of the year so far: minimum temperature of the air between the hours of (say) 4am and midday, that is colder than any previous morning this calendar year, as measured by a thermometer and reported in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin. :wink:

This is south-east Australia so it’s not going to compete in absolute terms with, say, south-east Wisconsin (I have strong memories of waking to -32F with a windchill of -75F) but frost is frost and old Australian houses are not winterised like equivalently aged American houses. It was a 4-blanket, 1-dog, night.

That dog counts for five blankets, too.

We get to scrape frost from the insides of the windows here. Generally from the end of December through to March. Old old house with old old windows. Though we never hit Wisconsin level “death cold”. I think our warmest night this year has been about 75°F ( just under 24°C).

Ioa, 1 dog equals about 10 blankets if the dog is the right size. Our new-to-us puppies are 65 & 75 lb each and generate enough body heat to power a small village steam plant. I’m hoping they will be as willing to share that heat in January as they are in July.

Imagine the vloume of panting going on…

Cats and dogs lying down together? Could there be a Caog or a Doat?



If happiness is a warm puppy, then I wish you a warm puppy day, and many more to come.

many puppies.jpg