Hello all,

Just a quick note to wish you all a happy holiday (assuming you have one!), regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not (being the hypocrite that I am, I love Christmas…). Naturally, I won’t be around the forum for a couple of days - not much, anyway (and neither should you be!), as I now intend to sit around drinking lots of alcohol, stuffing my face with chocolates and mince pies, and watching lots of bad Christmas TV. Right now I even have the fire roaring. Nice! Of course, all of this leads up to a New Year’s Resolution to drink less and WRITE THE BLOODY NOVEL.

So, happy holidays!

Hmm. I realised it must be Christmas when I saw the The Great Escape was on again :slight_smile:

To all on the forum, may you have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


And the Dr Who Christmas Special! I am soooo jealous… :laughing:

Thank you again for writing Scrivener, the app I was waiting for a long, long time. Since I moved to Scrivener, I have accomplished a few important writing projects, and working with a computer is not as dreadful anymore (as when I had to deal with MS Word).

My best wishes for the following year, and I hope you write the novel.

Happy holidays,


Please send me a case of whatever it is you are planning to drink less of, as if it led to the creation of Scivener’s I am happy to take over your addiction for you.

Go forth and write, as you have so brilliantly enabled the rest of us to do.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you, Keith!


I’m having a great christmas, currently writing the LAST chapter of my novel that was due on December first. Heureka and thanks to Keith!

Best wishes of the season to Keith and everyone in the forum

from Bonnie

who is Scrivening when she should be out partying…

Thanks to you Keith for something that has been of immense use to me as a writer during 2007 - and your new website is great too.

Here is one for you Keith.


I prefer to write on a laptop but my really old iBook could not run tiger - (366mhz with 384MB of ram and a 6G HD lol. Therefore could not run Scrivener) I could only run Scrivener on my main computer (G5 Tower).

So the wife for christmas saw my dilema and put in a call to the big cheese up north. Witnessed that I had been a good boy and put in a request to solve my problem.

Thanks to Scrivener and my thoughtful wife I received a MacBook Pro with Leopard installed and a case for Christmas.

I am so excited I could…


I hope the holidays were happy for you, Keith, and for all the members and visitors of this wonderful forum, but after holidays I hope this new year will be remembered as

“2008 - the WTBN Year” :smiley:

Happy New Year to all
best wishes