Happy New Ioa Year's Day

A very happy birthday to you, Ioa. Many happy returns too!


PS Have you made any New Ioa Year resolutions?

Warmly seconded.


Yep. Me too.
Have a good one.

[size=200]HAPPY[/size] [size=200]35[/size][size=150]th[/size][size=200] IOA[/size]

youtube.com/watch?v=ohGng45j … re=related

[size=150]Vic[/size] :smiley:

What everyone said. Even Vic.


Happy Ioa day, everyone! Especially Ioa.

Well, except for the licentious sub-text. I can’t get behind that! :open_mouth: Or in front of it, for that matter.

Happy Birthday Ioa. Hope its a good one.

WOT!! :open_mouth: Now worrava done!!? :confused: :frowning:

The way yoo lot’re goin on…y’d think I’d sent this youtube.com/watch?v=NR9Iwuyw … re=related

Vic the put on! :cry:

Why use just text to express such a heartfelt moment? I bring you the digital cake!


A birthday round, in four parts. In 2.

Everybody ready? With gusto!

1… 2…


All the best,

Bring on the dancing horses!


Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile: Even to the meerkats, but I don’t know about that other video. I’ll… have to try to erase that one from my mind slowly, and over the course of several years. :mrgreen:

Any clue on the background of those dancing horses? I’ve never seen anything like it. Which part of Mexico?

Happy birthday! May the php script kiddies leave you alone today! :wink:

So far so good! :unamused:

From the title of this thread, I was expecting to be introduced to the arcane and secret workings of Ioa’s personal non-Gregorian calendar – on which calendar today would be New Years Day.

Disappointed. :neutral_face:


P.S. And before you ask: yes, of course. It is the 3rd day of Spring.

Now then…Ioa, would you like one of these?
This young lady looks like she’s really enjoying herself. :smiling_imp:
youtube.com/watch?v=Cz6qb6E0 … re=related
[size=50]More of a wock/sin post, this, isn’t it?[/size]

I am speechless…

words fail me, too. :frowning:

I’ll just… douse the light and switch off the jukebox.

From the look on her face …she already has :wink: 8)