Happy Scrivener user here with a few suggestions and comment

I’m by no means a heavy writer, but after seeing Scrivener recommended on a forum I frequent, I realized how much easier it would make writing research papers and essays for college. I wrote my first paper using Scrivener yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find how much easier it made using sources. I do have a few suggestions that would make me even more happy, but please understand that this is me being nitpicky as possible to give you feedback. I am extremely happy with my experience writing in Scrivener. I think all of these suggestions could be added to the program without adding any clutter to the clean user interface it is known for.

  1. Better web integration. I read in another post that you didn’t want to make Scrivener into a full web browser, but there are still a few things that could help. It would be nice to drag the page icon from your web browser directly to scrivener to import websites quickly. Importing images by dragging from a browser window to scrivener would be great too. The web display needs a few more controls like zoom and also it is difficult to work inside the web text. I would like to be able to highlight within a website but I understand that it might be difficult to implement.

  2. Quick clip making. I’d like a method for taking simple clips from sources. I was thinking that selecting text and dragging it with option to your binder would create a new note with the text. Speaking of option dragging, it should probably copy items from one folder to another in the binder also.

  3. Better lists. I couldn’t find a way to make a typical list that starts off with roman numerals and goes to capital letters, numbers, and lower case numbers as you indent. Possible integration with Deep Notes?

  4. Collapse footnotes and annotations option. Long annotations and footnotes distract from the actual content. Maybe have a toolbar button that collapses and expands the annotations?

  5. Dynamic Bibliography that is automatically generated from metadata in selected sources.

  6. Style toolbar drop list. Create a drop down list for the tool bar that contains your favorite styles and a link to the style editing menu.

  7. Skins :smiley:

These suggestions would help me be even more impressed with Scrivener but I certainly wouldn’t insist on you adding them before making my purchase. I will be buying Scrivener as soon as my trial runs out regardless because it is such an amazing and innovative writing tool. Even a non-writer like me can appreciate it.

That post is so horribly written, I wish I had composed it in Scrivener before posting it :open_mouth:

Please don’t be offended by the lack of positive commentary, I didn’t include of all the stuff I loved because you can see it in every other feedback post :slight_smile:

Edit: I made this post before I saw the wish list. I can’t believe i didnt see that :blush: :smiling_imp:

This is one of those things that have been discussed quite a lot. Basically, you can drag from the address bar of Camino into Scrivener quite happily. Other browsers - even Safari - don’t implement the Cocoa default way of pasting URLs to the pasteboard, for some reason, which is why they don’t work.

As for highlighting and so forth… Well, as you note, Scrivener can never - ever - become a fully fledged browsers or web editor, any more than it can become a full PDF viewer or image editor. However, what you can do is use Documents > Convert Web Archive To Text. This will convert the web page you are viewing to text internally, so that you can highlight and edit it.

Use duplicate (cmd-D) to copy items. The scratchpad and the Services > Scrivener menus are there for quick clip making.

Lists are nothing to do with me, but entirely down to Apple’s implementation, I’m afraid. Scrivener just uses the standard OS X text system.

Lol, give the thousands upon thousands of words that have been spent on this topic on this forum, you have got to be joking. If not, please do search the forums. The short answer to this is that I agree, it would be lovely to collapse annotations and footnotes, but technically it is a massive feat and so therefore it is unlikely to happen prior to 2.0 or 5.0. :slight_smile:

There are third party apps that do this much better than Scrivener ever could, so I recommend using one of them in conjunction with Scrivener. Scrivener cannot do everything.

Styles are a rather private aspect of the OS X text system. They are provided “for free” with any app that uses the OS X text system, but it is rather difficult for developers to do anything different with them.

As of 1.02 you can save your preferences, which means that you can share any styles you have for Scrivener. Obviously, being a Mac program, true skins are not available, as that is more a PC thing, and quite right, too. :slight_smile:

Anyway, many thanks for your kind words.

All the best,

After I read much of the wish list, I saw how many of the suggestions were too difficult or completely out of your hands. I should have posted here to let you know I was retracting them (i still think option drag would be cool though). What 3rd party program do people use for bibliographies?

Thank you for addressing my suggestions without anger :smiley:

Edit: Endnote is 320 dollars :open_mouth:

There are threads about the bibliographic program as well. I use Bookends. Others use Bookends or Sente for the most part, some use Endnotes. Do some searching and you should find some good info on this one.

Pricing is so unfair. A campus license is $30 for 3 years. You need a campus ID to qualify.