Happy Tenth Anniversary, Shipmates

It’s ten years today since Scrivener 1.0 was released. My sincere thanks to everyone for all your support and good humour over the past ten years. Especially the good humour.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

All the best,

(Brevity of message owing to the fact that ten year anniversary or no, our support queue is crazy at the moment. :slight_smile: )

Customers wait for no celebrations!

KB, congratulations on such a successful journey thus far. May turtles continue to bless your endeavors.

Wow. In Scriv-years I’m a senior citizen.

Thanks, Keith. Scrivener literally changed my life. Or at least made my life one helluva lot easier.

…and may all your gerbils be prolific breeders! :smiley: Master Kev :wink:
Keep up the good work,
take care,
Vic x x xx

Thanks, folks! Today, Julia, David and I went for a “tenth anniversary lunch”, which partly involved my despair upon hearing that our US iOS users are giving us some bad reviews. It was great afterwards to come back here and see that the first three people to respond to this thread were among the first users of Scrivener ten years ago (and earlier). So, vic-k, Ahab, Jaysen: thank you! It honestly means a lot to me that you are still here, on the good (I hope) ship Scrivener. Avast, mateys! (Wait, does that mean that your data is going to be stolen…?) Anyway, thank you once more to all that use Scrivener, whether newbies or oldies.


Hm app store reviews, perhaps your eponymous avatar Black Hole robot may contribute:

Congratulations to the gerbils, turtles and robots on the merry ship S

What!?! Lunch!?! Why weren’t you slaving away on v4?!?

Some people… they just don’t care.


In actual seriousness, the very concept of open reviews with things like yelp, App Store, google, etc. shows that the corps are only looking to their pockets not actual value software/services. With no actual opportunity to challenge a review you wind up with the traditional fanboy wars and disgruntled idiots banging and flailing away and causing real damage due to their own stupidity. As hard as it is, you need to learn to let it go with the knowledge that you’ve created on heck of an application suite. Don’t let the idiots get you down.

And remember you have a few idiots here that are more than happy to play the jester when needed.

And of course, the the odd intellectual giant like my good self,

Vive le Scrivener Tool Shed
Bonne chance mes amis
LE D x x x

I think a review system can work [size=80][1][/size], Amazon’s surely has its faults as well, but the ability for each review to become a discussion means outright false or misguided claims can be addressed by others , and maybe even someone that is in obvious need of a pointer or two can get some help.

Apple’s system is a master class in YouTube levels of awful though, it always has been in just about every category you could measure a store by. It’s not only bad for the people interested in reviewing (why bother when your carefully written review is going to vanish in the next update?) and making sure that other reviews are sound, but for us as well. If I see someone in obvious need of assistance there is nothing I can do about it. Maybe if they use a handle that is found on the ’net otherwise, but then that’s kind of creepy—tracking someone down to some other social media site. Apple has put no effort into building a system that can provide a culture of responsible and informative reviewing or self-corrective measures. It’s just the sort of low-effort lazy thing you’d expect to see in any closed off anti-competitive system, so what can you expect I guess.

Anyway! Here’s to the second day where we all had our official copy of Scrivener 1.0. :slight_smile:


  1. Though to be fair, I largely ignore even Amazon reviews these days, using them more for amusement after I’ve read the book or seen the film, then as any form of mechanism for deciding on a purchase.

You my good sir, are the TOP of my list… the TOP of the LIST!

Congrats to Keith and posse. Your software truly helped me get better grades, which hopefully translates to a better job in due course. Which will hopefully get me a better looking wife. And better looking children. And grandchildren. And die a peaceful death, hopefully having an orgasm.

Nice one, yossi … well said. And that is what Scriv is all about, helping us to achieve our potential … to do the best we can. Long may it continue to do so.

Ohhh! careful there, numpt!! Right now, Le D is probably pondering whether you mean top of your list of idiot, or your list of intellectual giants :open_mouth: I wouldn’t want t’ get on the wrong side of him … he looks a mean, vindictive dude. :imp:

Happy 10th birthday, Scrivener! It’s amazing how quickly the decade has flown by.

I too found Scrivener just before the launch of version 1, joined the forum just after the launch, and have never looked back. It changed my working life for very much the better.

As for critics, a couple of years ago, there was a thread on the Nisus forum where someone asked for advice on software for translation. I recommended Scrivener. An established, Japanese-English technical translator responded saying he’d taken a quick look at the L&L website, that Scrivener couldn’t do anything that NWP couldn’t do, and that nothing could replace a dedicated CAT system. I was so incensed that I couldn’t bring myself to answer as I didn’t want to start a flame war on the Nisus website. I’m afraid such stuck in their ways people abound and there’s nothing that can be done about them. I have since thought I should have pointed out the error of his ways, but it is too late now, so I’m sorry.

And yes, the Apple review system is totally lame!


1 Edit to correct fact!

The ambiguity should keep him busy long enough for me to escape!

Mr. X,

That concept of “stuck” in a mode of thought/way of doing things is as prevalent here as it is anywhere else. I think the scrivenerati are just better at being gracious. Which, in my opinion, is a reflection on the headmaster’s/captain’s approach to maintaining order. Looking at the L&L team you quickly see the adage “birds of a feather flock together” as well as the common thought of “managers hire folks that think like the manager” played out (but KB has turned that latter one on its ear by hiring the BEST qualities of himself). The KB + staff approach of expecting us to show the same respect to each other as we are shown (even Vic-k and me!!!) has infected the forums and led to something approaching a harmony. Sure we all disagree and have our irritating traits, but we are all members of “the crew”.

Which is where you see folks “stuck” in a mindset here. in several threads folks have accused the crew of being unable to see failings in the scrivener methods/UI/options/etc. Most of us have adapted our work methods to scrivener long ago and don’t notice these. So we say “you don’t need that” or “you need to think of it differently” or, in at least 4 cases, “this is not the software for you” (I know it’s at least 4 because that’s how many time I said it). Are we really any different than that person on the Nisus forum? I think we are just a bit nicer in our approach.

All that to state my opinion regarding KB’s real success.

As I was reviewing this before posting, my wife read over my shoulder. She commented, “No one there knows how much you’ve changed in the last 10 years. Changed for the better. They’ve been your friends through it all.” I think that makes my point about KB and his company better than everything else I’ve type.

It’s the helpful, patient and polite way of treating (almost) all questions and suggestions in here that makes the big difference compared to many other forums.

BUT, on top of that, Scrivener IS different from most softwares in the way it handles ones projects, and in the intricate mix of simplicity and complexity. You can use it as a very simple writing machine but also as a very complex project management centre. I guess KB initially had a general idea of what he wanted Scriv to be able to do, but with all of that implemented in the software it was suddenly possible to do so much more, that no one else had ever thought about, least of all KB. So sometimes the answer to a question is a suggestion for something completely different. “How do I do this?” - “You don’t, you could do like this instead…” - “Wow, fantastic idea!” :smiley:

A Word file is a Word file is a Word file. There is a clear limit to what you can do with it. A Scrivener project is something completely different…

A lovely girl, possessed of an empathetic perspicacity … qualities to be treasured in a partner.

I feel Scriv’s ethos is infused with kindness, integrity and decency to such a degree, as to have enable acquaintanceship to morph over time into friendships. Many of us aboard Scriv, are possessed of physical and/or psychological imperfections/limitations that have been openly aired to our ‘friends’ aboard Scriv, and although I can only speak for myself, done so free from fear of untoward responses.

Sciv is a much anticipated and appreciated ‘pitstop’ … or two, on the daily circuit of life from breakfast to supper, thanks to those ‘engine tuners’ in the pit.

I like and enjoy the company of Scriv’ crew. And in these uncertain times, I wish you all safety and the best of good fortune.
Take care,

Ahm… it’s really not me you are quoting… :blush:

Happy Anniversary, Keith and all the team! Ten plus years for me and I’m still lovin’ Scrivener.