Happy to Report

I have been a beta user since the beginning and had no trouble with Scrivener until Beta 046 and 049.
They hung up and stalled on my Vista laptop. I wrote about this on the forum. Following that, I have had private communication with MM.

I have to admit I was disappointed and questioned whether I should try the release version 1.0.1.

I am happy to say that I have been trying the release version out and it works perfectly on my desktop and and my Vista laptop. Even the bigger project that was stalling is working well. I like the new features and visualizations of actions like moving items in the binder.

I will be purchasing the license soon.

Good work Windows Scrivener team and KB for his support for LAP in the Windows development and all the others involved.

It is a great tool for writers. Thank you all.

Glad to hear it Norm! Thanks for sharing your feedback.