Happy wuff! wuff! birthwuffday, Scotty Nom!

Have a good ‘n’! :laughing:

Happy barkday!

A very happy birthday to you Nomibold! Hope you are having a great day. :smiley:

Woof woof woof!

Happy woofday, Nom. May your bark always be better than your bite!

Thanks all.

I did enjoy a bit of Bach on my birthday, definitely better than my byte. I even spent some time with the dark relatives (Scotties and Westies sometimes have a… strained… relationship) that vic-k alluded to in his pic. BTW vic, Mum (of Mum’n’Maude) says “g’day”. Of course, she said a lot more after your name was mentioned… but decorum forbids, this is a family forum.

All in all, a very good day. Of course, any day that ends with a fine pinot noir followed by my favourite single malt whisky is a good day. :smiley:


What is your favourite single malt?

On special at Tesco? :smiley:

Nahh! Hogwarts

Is that you, Minerva?

No. It’s me, Dobby.

So the video of the dog party was leaked on the internet


Sorry I’m late: I took the circular route. :blush: A belated happy birthday to you, nonetheless. :smiley:

What y’ really meant to say, was:… , nomtheless, wasn’t it? :confused:

And I’m still all adog to here what Nom’s favourite single malt is. Mine’s Talisker.

Mr X

Probably some crappy, Aussie home\local distillation. All Aussies have jaded/jaundiced palates. He wouldn’t know a decent bottle of Scotch, from a bucket of fetid Billabong water.

My reply’s not here. :frowning:
Hmm, that’s the second time that’s happened in recent weeks. I must be closing browser tabs too soon or something. :unamused:

Anyway, my reply basically said:
Thanks all!
and, in order to address what was clearly a more important topic than I had realised…
Talisker - I really enjoy the salty peat nose and caramel finish.
While I like the 10y/o (currently drinking) I also quite like Talisker 57º North (a contentious choice since age unstated). I’d love to try the 18 year old Talisker, but I still have a mortgage to pay, so if anyone’s thinking of a late birthday present… :wink:

For vic-k’s benefit: Apparently there are some fantastic Australian whiskies, including international prize winners, but I haven’t tried any yet. Of the two I’ve tried, one was “OK” and the other was… disappointing.

[size=50]PS If anyone’s won the lottery recently and feeling particularly generous, there’s also a 35 year old Talisker [/size]

Laphroaig for me.

Got a 40-year-old bottle sitting in a cupboard…a gift from a happy client a few years ago. Can’t choose between drinking it and getting an expensive hangover, or selling it and buying a new rMBP (or two).


If I win the lotto, Nom, the 35-year-old Talisker will be yours.

Like the old joke about the punter who week after week kneels at the side of his bed and pleads with god to let him win the lotto.

After listening to months of relentless whining supplication, god gets exasperated and finally speaks to him…

“Bernard,” says god, “yes, I can perform miracles, but at least meet me halfway on this and actually buy a bloody ticket.”