Hard Drive crash, Have I lost my novel?

The hard drive on my my Mac crashed while doing an OS X update. I was able to back up the files before I reformatted the hard drive. I have finally got around to putting the Scrivener files back on my reformatted hard drive. I am now unable to open any scrivener files and receive the following error message: “Could not open project. The project is not writable. Scrivener does not support read only projects”.

I am at a complete loss about what to do, Any suggestions?

You should be okay. It sounds like you copied the files from a source that was read-only. All you have to do is change the permissions on the file now that they are back on your hard drive. The precise steps you need to take depend on whether you are running Leopard or Tiger, the panel was changed significantly between updates. Cmd-I will get you to the right spot, but if you cannot figure out what to do to make the file read-write again, post back with your operating system.