Hard Drive Replacement

I had my HDD replaced a week ago after failing. Fortunately,I have a complete backup on a Seagate external Hardrive. Where can I find my scriv. projects. I looked in back up folder and had no luck finding anything. I’m using the Windows version. Did the data reload put it some where like a word file and I have to re-import it to Scrivener? I’m lost ! I tried the drag and drop method listed in the forum and have had no luck.
Tx, in advance.

If the backup was complete, the original .scriv projects should all be there as well. You shouldn’t need to mess with the automatic backups unless you’ve lost the originals (or the backups of the originals, as the case may be).

Thanks. :smiley: I’ll keep looking. All I get is portions of the help menu with the numbered “backups”

Well whenever you create a project you are asked where to put it and what to call it. If you never messed with the settings there are probably a few folders ending in “.scriv” in your My Documents folder; those are your projects.