Hard to describe problem.

This is a little hard to describe so please bear with me. When I click on the icon to add a new folder it adds a new folder. Okay, no problem so far. However, when I try to drag the folder to where I want it it is very difficult to get it in the right place. For example, say I have some journal folders labeled 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, etc. when I try to move the new folder named 2004 into place it either adds it IN the 2003 folder or it is too far to the right, more like a sub-folder. How in the world do I move folders around and into the correct positions so they are not too far to the left or right? Is there a special ket combination I have to use while dragging it?

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Generally you just have to be a bit more precise :wink: BUT there is also a ‘failsafe’ method built into Scriv - hold down the ALT key while dragging, and this prevents the dragged document from being dropped “on top of” (i.e. inside) other documents in the Binder.

A bit more precise? Um, I thought I described the problem rather well.

Thanks for your reply.

I didn’t know about the Alt-key trick … I just do this by being careful while I’m dragging. You get a black sort of arrow thing like |<-- when you are in between other folders or files, with the bar at the left indicating the level in the outline hierarchy. I watch that to see that it’s in the right place, then drop. It’s easier to do it with a mouse than with the MBP track-pad, I have to admit.


I think Antony meant you have to be a bit more precise when dragging, not in your description. Holding down the Option (Alt) key while dragging, as suggested, gets rid of “drop ons”, so it makes it easier to be more precise in this way.
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Thank you, all of you.

Ha! No, sorry - I meant more precise with the mouse when dragging :smiley:

[Edit: as Keith correctly surmised…]

Of course, when things go wrong, as they sometimes do, it may be easiest to go to Document–Move–Left, which will elevate the folder to its adult status (be sure to have that folder highlighted before you click on the sequence).

I hope you are enjoying Scrivener.

Thank you, you are most generous with your response to my query.