Hard to find: cost of upgrade

How much does it cost to upgrade Scrivener? I’d like to register but I’ve read there’s a new version coming out soon-ish.

Depending on the response :slight_smile: maybe it’s a good idea to put that info on the sales pitch page?

Hi, there’s no info because there is nothing to say - there is no cost for upgrades to 1.x versions. :slight_smile: The new version (the beta is available in the Beta Testing forum) is 1.1, and will be a free update.

Given that 1.0 was only out in February, it’s waaaay too early for a 2.0 and nobody but nobody should ever charge for incremental updates (1.0 > 1.something).

When it comes to 2.0, there will no doubt be an update fee. But I haven’t even started thinking about 2.0 yet. My projects for Scrivener go something like this:

  1. Get 1.1 out and have it fully-compatible with Leopard and as stable as possible, as a release that can last for some time.
  2. Release any bug fixes to 1.1 as 1.1x.
  3. Use Scrivener to write my own Great Novel.
  4. As I use Scrivener more myself for an extended piece of work, make notes on what could be improving.
  5. Release any intermediate bug fixes or minor improvements.
  6. Using what I learn whilst writing, work towards a 1.5 release which would be substantial-ish (though as you can tell, I haven’t even started thinking about that yet).
  7. Along the way, any cool features that prove too difficult or time-consuming will get put aside for consideration for 2.0.
  8. One day off in the distant future, start thinking about 2.0. But I can’t even think about thinking about it yet. :slight_smile:

So, for the foreseeable future, updates are free.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


As I suspected: past fair into awesome territory. You should brag about it more!