Hardware question


I gladly support indie shops that create great software. I love working with Scrivener and I’ve actually got some ideas that I want to turn into reality.

I have one major beef. Scrivener requires activation. Entering a serial number is just fine with me, but activation usually occurs by sending a kind of machine fingerprint together with the serial number to activate the software.

In a few months time I plan to upgrade my computer with some extra hardware. This will make any software that uses activation to start complaining about not being installed on the same machine anymore.

I find that grievously annoying.

My question is then: when I upgrade my hardware, will Scrivener complain about a changed machine fingerprint and through how many hoops will I have to jump to get the product up and running again?

Please understand that I hate complaining, that I adore the product and that I have professional experience with software making a face plant after the hardware was upgraded, after which there was no end of annoyance to the person who has to try and get it up and running again.

You shouldn’t have any problems. If you do, all you need to do is go to Scrivener > Register…, then click on “Deactivate…” and then activate again.

Scrivener’s activation is designed to be as convenient as possible - or at least, as least inconvenient as possible. So legitimate users will never run out of activations, and if you aren’t on the internet, you won’t be locked out (if you had no internet connection, you could activate manually by accessing another internet-enabled machine, and if you couldn’t get to the internet at all, you would still be able to continue using Scrivener, with the only proviso being that you would see the “needs activating” message each launch until it was activated - but you wouldn’t be thrown into trial mode or anything heinous like that).

All the best,