Has anybody used Auteureist for iPad with Scrivener?


Someone mentioned in a forum that Auteureist (http://auteureist.com/) for iPad exports to Scrivener. So I’ve been looking into their webpage, since I won’t buy it without the certainty that I’ll use it, but I would like to know if someone here has already tried it.

It looks great in theory, and, indeed, it does export to Scrivener via MMD. It also has a bunch of nice features for writing on iPad, but in real scenario, would it be much better than using Notebooks in synch with Scrivener or no?

If someone could share his or her real experience with this app, it would be great.


I don’t blame you for hesitating, since that’s the least informative web site for an app that I’ve seen in a while. I want to see screen shots, to get a sense of how the app looks and works. I hunted for a while and could find none. A lot of claims about “writing power,” a disclaimer addressed to writers who lost their data (hmmm…), and an ad for the developer’s own book.

I went to the iTunes Store to learn more, and the screen shots show a standard iPad writing app: left hand menu of folders & sub-folders (icons are colored circles), writing files have some metadata, like dating, time worked, word count; and the file appears to use only a plain text, sans-serif font. Oh, and the app is a whopping $19.99, or double + the price of Pages for iPad (which has outlining, fonts, and RTF export).

I don’t see Auteurist as much advanced over Notebooks, and EverNote is a better writing & research environment, since files there are Rich Text, although it only exports in html/xml, and that’s not friendly to Scrivener. SimpleNote or Plaintext are still the best ways to write on the iPad and synch with Dropbox as well as your Scrivener projects. Plus they are far cheaper.

Thank you, Druid. I see we share the same doubts. It’s curious how a website has the power to make the customer confident or doubtful. In this particular case, only doubts arise.

By the way, since we’re talking about novel writing software for iPad, yesterday Storyist entered the AppStore, half the price of Auteurist.

I haven’t really used Storyist for Mac. Three years ago, when I “got married” to Scrivener, I downloaded a demo. In the end, Scrivener suited best my needs and creative process. But since right now I’m focused on being able to effectively write on the iPad, this definitely looks like something worth considering.

I still wish I had Scrivener for iPad though… :cry:

I agree, Scrivener on the iPad would be wondrous, but there are many sound reasons why it’s not there. On Storyist, the key issue will be export-import of its files and projects: are they in a format that Scrivener can read?

I’m using the iPad mainly for notes and rough drafts, synched to Dropbox and then to Scrivener. On the Mac, I use Notational Velocity (and altNV, its buggy cousin) to write notes. SimpleNote stores them, Scrivener synchs them. Usually I don’t mind that SN loses RTF, since these are mostly notes and scraps for further development in Scrivener.

My other restriction on the iPad is typing; my hands don’t like the virtual keyboard. :open_mouth:

I’m using my iPad for almost all my writing, since I have a day job and this is the lightest thing I can bring in my bag. I’m using it to write at lunch hour, restaurants, cafes, and every moment available on the day. Initially, I was using it only for a novel. Formatting there is irrelevant. But now I’m on a more ambitious project that requires a minimum of formatting: bold, italics, bullets, numbering, and, if possible, tables.

I’m synching through Notebooks (I just can’t stand Simple Note interface). But even though synchronizing is quite easy, I still can’t trully “manage” my project. I can add as many new documents as I want, but I can’t make major changes on the project: move things from one folder to another, merging or dividing documents… all those things Scrivener is great at.

Of course I can’t use that awful virtual keyboard either. I normally write nearly 90 words a minute; and with the virtual keyboard I can’t get 20. That’s why I use an external keyboard and, so far, I have written nearly 35 000 words for a single project, since I bought my iPad 2, four months ago. I’m not counting there all my diaries, my blogging ideas, conferences notes, or other projects.

So, yes. I need more than just SimpleNote, and Notebooks is not enough either. I crave for those wonderful features such as a cockboard and metadata on each document. I want to be able to move them from one place to another. I want basic formatting. And, above all, what I want is that whatever changes I make on my iPad I’m able to synchronize them easily and effortless with Scrivener on Mac. After all, the final editing will always be done there.

I also cannot recommend Auteureist. I bought the iPhone version some time ago and it was a catastrophe of bugs, crashes and confusing UI.