Has anyone successfully imported a Facebook page?


Per the title, I’ve tried to do this and it seems that the page is hindered from logging in. When I attempt to do this the page is opened in an external browser and nothing changes in Scrivener.

Has anyone been able to get around this?


Facebook pages are very complex and full of dynamic stuff. i would guess impossible to import to Scrivener as anything but a PDF copy.

certainly you can select and copy to clipboard text from text portions of a Facebook page and paste that into a Scrivener document. even probably can save individual image files.

what is your objective? what have you tried that failed? surely you are doing more than just surveying others.

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Generally speaking, Scrivener has more of a “web viewer” than a true browser. It doesn’t do well with complex scripts in general, and password-protected pages in particular. I’d be surprised if it could handle a Facebook page.


Hi rms,

I was just hoping to have a link close at hand as it had a bit of info in it, and just in case I engage more in that thread, that it would be close by. Of course, I could always just keep the link somewhere and return to it when needed and copy that info over.



When I need that sort of thing I simply put it in a Bookmark in the Browser, or perhaps in the Reading list (but while my Reading list grows, I don’t tend to look at it … my bad).

Or in Scrivener in the Research binder folder make an empty document, title it as you want, and insert a link to the Facebook page.

If you want a permanent copy, then attempt to PDF it from the browser. Facebook pages are so complex, sometimes that doesn’t work well, but sometimes does.

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I’m still learning the program, so I haven’t yet explored the first two options you mentioned, but they seem to be really interesting:) I’ll check them out.

These two options have nothing to do with Scrivener other than they run on your computer. That’s the incredible thing about modern computers is that they have the feature of having specialised apps running in different windows, even simultaneously.

Not everything related to your writing project in Scrivener must be kept in Scrivener.

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Oh, ok.

But this is exactly the monster I am trying to sort out at the moment:) I have numerous files in numerous folders with various un-organized info in them, which makes it daunting to orient myself. I also have unorganised notes in a few different places too, computer and written in a notebook, as I’d get an idea or a point that I needed to jot down quickly.

Suggestion: use your file manager (if Windows, it is Explorer, and if Apple Mac, it is Finder) to organise your files (move, rename, etc.) and folders.

Paper jotting of notes is great! I do it all the time. but if you want to have them in your computer you’ll have to type them into a file, or scan the pages, or … I’m working on my habits to use my computer/phone for note taking at source. Works some of the time.

Good luck.

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Thanks again:)

Folder/file organization has also been ongoing too, complicated by the fact that I’ve had files in different places, even a temporary folder that I was using like an inbox, and never had an initial idea on how to organise.