Has anyone tried Transporter or other local "cloud" syncing?

I was just looking at Transporter as an alternative to cloud services to sync between my Mac and PC. I haven’t purchased anything yet, but like the idea of having the storage on-site.

Has anyone used this kind of a set up before to work between PC and Mac versions? I am a bit leary about this, and would love to hear other’s experience.

This is the Transporter site, but there are probably other solutions like this, so if you’ve tried a different one, please share your experience too.

(I’m currently on Mac OSX Mountain Lion and Windows 7)

The idea behind these things are great, but there is no really universal answer to how well they work. In theory they should work better than ’net based third-party servers (which also in theory should work flawlessly)—but beyond theory and into implementation is where things may prove unworkable. Of course with a system like this you remove one massive area of complexity: flinging bytes all over the planet just to get a file from the device in your hand to the computer you are sitting at. With everything over the LAN it’s as safe and secure as Apple or Windows file sharing.

I experimented with a similar program to Transporter called Bittorrent Sync. It worked well for the most part, but had a propensity toward wiping out entire folders. It wasn’t thoroughly destructive since the system archives deleted items on the other computers, but needless to say it is very worrisome to have your Scrivener backup folder vanish for mysterious reasons and have to continually restore it :exclamation: :open_mouth: The thought that it could do that for other folders where I might not notice the disappearance for some time—perhaps folders inside my projects—was enough to keep me away from the system for serious things. Then when the UI took a gigantic dive into the murky and nearly useless realms of being “Web app” in an OS window—I just gave up on it entirely. That’s just my experience with it, and I did give up some time ago, it may be better now.

Transporter may (and likely won’t) have any of those problems however, but it may have others. The best advice I can give is to adopt any new synchronisation technology incrementally in order of complexity. Start with basic files that change periodically, then test it with folders that change frequently (like that Scrivener backup folder), and finally with things that change nearly continually as you use them like a .scriv folder.

Cubby uses local sync when both computers are on the same network. So far, it has worked flawlessly when syncing folders with my wife. If you pay for Cubby’s “pro” service, you can make specific Cubbies (folders to you and I) local sync only and avoid cloud sync entirely.