Has Anyone Verified Whether Scrivener 3 Output will Import into InDesign?

I’ve been trying for hours to import my Scrivener book output into InDesign and simply can’t get it to work. Has anyone had success importing their .docx files into InDesign?

It’s years since I’ve used InDesign, but I wonder if it can still import RTF. RTF is Scrivener’s native format and to create a DOCX it first compiles an RTF which it then runs through a third-party converter to produce the DOCX. It just seems to me that if you can import RTF directly into ID, you will avoid one stage in the process which might introduce gremlins.

On a side-note and referring to posts above, I don’t use LibreOffice—I’ve never got on with it—but do have NeoOffice, which is a paid-for ($15) Mac-GUI’d port, that I’ve found does a better job, though I’ve never tried to produce drop caps using it, although I have done in Nisus Writer Pro. I also have a copy of Scribus, though I haven’t yet used it for more than just a quick check.

There are others on the forums who use InDesign … maybe one of them will come along soon.



Several people here were going to use Scrivener 3 > MMD(Pandoc) > ICML which is the native import format for InCopy / InDesign. I tested that the ICML looks well formed and faithfull captures the Scrivener 3 styling, but don’t have InDesign to test the import…