Has Show Synopsis in Binder been removed as a Project Setting in 1.01?

I can longer see the setting for ‘Show Synopsis’ in Project Settings for the Binder. The Synopsis automatically appears in Corkboard view, not I can no longer activate a setting to show the Synopsis in the Binder (like I still can for Label and Status). Has this been removed from iOS 1.01 or am I missing something? Thanks.

It’s a little tricksy–you have to tap the little ‘arrow in a circle’ to the right of a folder or containing document first. Then the option to display synopses shows up in the Binder options screen. In essence, you cannot view synopses in the main binder view, but only when you’re ‘in’ one of the sub-folders.

Thanks rdale, I can see that (and thanks for pointing out the need to actually enter the Folder instead of just expanding it). But there used to be an option under Project Settings \ Binder to 'Show Synopsis and the Synopsis use to show in the Binder at all levels then once it was turned on.

I am wondering if that choice has been removed and now the Synopsis shows up by default. There used to be a choice, but it looks like that choice is no longer there.