Has this line break bug been fixed in Scrivener 3?

I’m using Scrivener 2.8.1 on a mac running 10.12.6. I just got this laptop in September, and as soon as I put Scrivener on it I noticed the second bug mentioned on https://scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb/macos-troubleshooting/known-issues, “Paragraph spacing applied to lines within a paragraph”. (I found that page in my search to figure out why my spacing was suddenly borked.)

It says the problem is with the mac text engine, but TextEdit does not have this problem. Line break spacing works fine in that, so it seems that it was fixed on Apple’s end? (Correct me if that’s wrong.) So does anyone know if the bug has been fixed in Scrivener 3?

Yes (14pt paragraph-after):
Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 09.40.54_SMALL.png