Has "typed into Scrivener" text ever vanished? [NOTED]

I’m sure the vanishing/reappearing text bug will be fixed soon, but in the meantime, and with November 1st looming ever larger…

This bug only affects previously created text, right? Stuff that was imported or cut&pasted?

So what we created IN Scrivener won’t mysteriously vanish, right?


I’ve had text that I typed directly into Scrivener vanish. It doesn’t happen in all of my pages, just one at the moment. It wasn’t imported or copy-and-pasted, just typed directly. I’m not sure what I did to set it off, but I was using split screen mode at the time, and I might have copied and pasted from within the document itself (“oh, that should be further up… I’ll just move it” type stuff).

So… yes. It has happened. It isn’t gone however. It’s just hiding. I can go to View > Show invisibles so that the carriage returns etc. are visible, then all of my missing text reappears as well. Also, even when it’s hiding it still seems to be counted in the word count (go figure).

I don’t know if that helps or hinders prior to November 1st :wink:


Using Windows 7 (64) and occasionally XP

Thanks for the answer, even if I was hoping for a different one. :laughing:

Ah, well. As long as the invisible words are really there AND they show up in the word count, I guess that’s okay.

Well, that and they have to show in the ‘submit for verification’ file, but I’m sure they’ll squash this bug before 11/31!

Yes, from what I’ve heard this is a display-only bug. I’ve been unable to reproduce it myself, but I’d love to see if a compiled document showed the invisible text. If so, that would make a nice way of putting your mind at ease. Even if you can’t see it, you can at least export the text and back up that file somewhere.

I can confirm that this is a display only problem. I’ve had text disappear a couple times. But I went into View -> Show Invisibles. It all reappears, and then you can turn off Show Invisibles and your text will remain. It’s a strange gui glitch, but the point is your text is not GONE.

I’ve been working with it for five days now. Both in planning for this year, and editing a previous manuscript. It saves VERY often. It has crashed twice, both from doing things that are glitched, and neither time did I lose any data. I went into this thinking I’d be writing in a regular word processor and copying things into Scrivener for safety. But I feel safe and confident that no matter what my words are gonna be there to access.

This has happened to me too. I can tell where the missing text is because the spacing is funny.

paragraph 1

paragraph 2

paragraph 4

If I put the curser where the missing text is and hit delete, it will reappear.

I copy and pasted from Word and I thought it was because I was using the format where it puts the spaces between the paragraphs automatically. I recreated the document with no spacing, but the same thing occurs in Scrivener. Also, it seems effect the same text every time.