Hating the built-in Novel template

Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong here? Somehow I am ending up with these folders that are buried inside another folder and when I try to drag it to move it out of that main folder, I can’t make it so that it’s like the others with the little arrow!! This is really frustrating me and I’ve watched all the tutorials searched all over this site and can’t seem to find anyone else who is having this problem.

I’ve spent considerable time importing an existing novel that I wrote in Word into Scrivener and now I’m seriously regretting it. This is wasting time that should be spent writing and outlining. Please help! See photo below:

The folder I’m referring to is within the folder labeled “Three - Friends with Benefits”, the one I’m having problems with is “Four - First Encounters.” It also has no index cards that show up on the corkboard which is also very annoying as this is one of the main reasons I am using Scrivener.

Thanks in advance for any help!

First, there are no folders inside the binder. It’s all documents. The only difference is the icon. So you can convert any document to a “folder” and any folder to a document.

Secondly, the little arrows says that you have subdocuments inside the ones with an arrow. To get some documents inside another document, simply select them and then drag and drop them on the one you want as parent.

The “level” (indention) in the binder is mainly visual but is of help when you compile your output. Changing the level of one document doesn’t automatically change the level of others.

Your current organisation of the manuscript, with 9-10 (?) sub-levels, will cause large problems for you when you compile. You should really put all chapter folders on the same level.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’m using the built-in template for a Fiction novel so I don’t know if it’s coded in there but I’m not intentionally making any subfolders.

I’m adding folders and the documents within the folders using the quick add tool and that’s what happens. So I don’t know if I should just junk this project and start a new file without a template?


Lunk your reply helped me figure out what was going on!

For some reason, this template inadvertently creates subfolders within that main folder when you select to make a new folder, which in my case would be my first chapter. I don’t know why or how this happened, as it wasn’t something I consciously did. Unless there is a particular way I need to go about making a new folder that I’m not privy to?

I thought all you had to do was click on the little pull-down next to the big plus symbol in the toolbar and select to make a new folder? I usually make a new folder after every fourth document. I’m using the folders as an indication that it’s a separate chapter and inside it, are the scenes within that chapter.

To fix all the subgrouping, I had to right-click on each folder and select “Ungroup” for all the folders to be at the same level. It’s very weird.

So if anyone else has an issue in the template with it creating subfolders each time you select to create a new folder, all you have to do is right click on that folder that’s indented and select “Ungroup” and it fixes it.


It’s not the template. This is how Scrivener works. To create a folder below the one you’re working in but at the same level , select the folder you’re working in, in the Binder first.

If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you follow the Interactive Tutorial, found on the Help menu. It will take a couple of hours, but it’s worth the time to avoid problems.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I did watch the tutorials but it didn’t cover the issue with the folder within the folder bit. In any case, I got it figured out now. It’s quite a steep learning curve to understand some of the features of Scrivener but I’m getting there!

Now I just have to figure out how to turn off the spelling autocorrecter. It doesn’t seem to give me the option to switch to American English either. Time to search the forum some more! :slight_smile:

Switching to American English has to be done in the Mac System Preferences. Scrivener spelling tools just access the system methods.

As AngelWriter says she’s on Windows, I think she needs to look under “Options > Corrections”. In the v. 3 betas, Options is down the bottom of the File menu; I can’t remember where it was in v. 1.9, but it was under one of the other menus …



Yes, using the Windows version. I did a search in the forum and found how to switch it and turn off the spelling correction. It was super annoying while trying to write dialogue! :stuck_out_tongue:

:blush: my apologies.

There’s a whizz of a keyboard short cut to consider for moving folders or individual documents around in your project.

For example: select a folder or document and hit Ctrl + one of the directional keys - try ctrl + left directional key.