Have athe binder reflect the state of the current editor

Hi, I love Scrivener, it’s changed my life! This is a minor request, but something I would find helpful. If I have split the screen into two editors, and click on “Show in Binder” in one editor, then switch to the other editor and do the same, the binder forgets where it was in the first editor - switching between the editors keeps the same file highlighted in the binder. It would be useful for the binder to update, so if the left editor is set to show File A in the binder, and the right editor is set to show File B in the binder, it updates when I switch editors. Thanks for considering this!


Glad you like Scrivener! This is actually intentional behaviour. The topic comes up from time to time, and is covered in our FAQ:

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … im-editing

You can quickly reveal the currently-edited document in the binder by hitting Opt-Cmd-R (View > Reveal in Binder).

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Ctrl+Shift+8 on Windows (and you can change it in the Keyboard tab of Tools > Options if you prefer something else).