Have content of link as part of compile output.


Here is my situation. I currently have 1 project and I want to create 2 separate books, a reference manual and a how-to manual. At times in my how-to manual I simply want the content from a document in my reference manual without having the text duplicated in my project. Here is what I initially setup. I renamed my draft to Reference Manual. I created a folder in Research called How-To. Every doc I put into How-To I labeled as How-To. Then I created a collection based on a search for the How-To label. Then to compile my How-To book I simply select the How-To collection as the content to compile. I was hoping that if I put a Scrivener link to a Reference Manual doc in a How-To doc that the content from the Reference Manual doc would be exported during the compile. Unfortunately it seems I can only get the text of the link in my output.

My questions are:

  1. Is it even possible to do what I’m trying?
  2. Is there a better setup for what I’m trying?


So I take it that this is just not possible?

I think, if I’m following you correctly, a different type of meta-data for your automatic collection would be the answer. Try keywords, as they can be non-exclusive in their assignment. You can have items that have a “HowTo” keyword, items that do not, and items that have both a “HowTo” keyword and “Reference” keyword, causing them to appear in two different compile outputs. Label is a good tool, but it’s only good so long as what it is representing is an exclusive form of information. Once items start becoming more complicated, keywords are best.

You can easily migrate by creating the keyword in the project keyword window (in the Project menu), loading up your collection in the sidebar, selecting everything and then dragging that keyword to the selection to batch assign it. Now you can search for the keyword and build a new collection off of that.


Good idea. I’ll give it try.