Have "find formatting" respect locked editor

Hi Keith,

I don’t know how much work this would be, but it’d be helpful to have the “find formatting” search respect the locked editor. Maybe it’s this way purposely to avoid confusing people if they’ve locked the editor and clicking “find next” then didn’t do anything (or maybe you have some other good reason), but I’d find it helpful just to avoid my own errors when I’m using split pane and want to run the search in one editor and copy the results to a single document in the other. Since copying moves the focus to the second editor, if I forget to move back, hitting “find next” loses that compilation document and finds the next formatted section there instead of the first editor, meaning some extra clicking/keyboarding as I get back to where I really meant to be.

Obviously my own fault, but after I’ve made the mistake a few times I can’t help thinking how nice it would be if I could lock the editor and have the search just not do anything and thereby let me smack my forehead and switch the focus without the initial switch back to the correct document. I realize it’s not a ton of extra steps, but it felt a little unintuitive that the find would break the lock, when the Binder and Outliner and everything else respect it.

I suppose the really beautiful solution (for me) would be an option in the Find dialogue a la the one in Preferences to have the search affect the other editor if focused editor is locked…but that’s perhaps overkill.

Anyway, just a thought. Take it or leave it, as you will. In any case, I do love the extended “find formatting” features in 2.0, so thanks a ton for adding all that.



Hmm, I don’t really agree on this one, I’m afraid. The trouble is that if you have only one editor visible, then users are going to be confused about why Find by Formatting isn’t working, and someone is bound to suggest the opposite. Ioa and I went over the various places “Lock in Place” should be overridden (and by “went over” I mean that over several months Ioa sent me hundreds of e-mails with very detailed expositions and critiques of the consistency of this behaviour :slight_smile: ), and the way it is generally designed to work is that “Lock in Place” prevents any navigational clicks outside of the editor in the binder and suchlike from affecting the editor contents, but any clearly intentional action on the part of the user - such as clicking the back or forward arrows in the header bar and so on - will override lock-in-place. Find by Formatting is a bit of a grey area, but as it operates on the editor rather than the binder, I would say this falls into the “intentional” category - of course, it’s always going to be possible to do something accidentally that Scrivener deems as intentional, but that’s unavoidable until Scrivener attains full consciousness in version 4.0.

Thanks and all the best,

Fair enough, and I did think of the “it might be confusing” for the single editor view. But obviously that wasn’t my problem, so I didn’t worry about everyone else. I suppose I will just have to mend my lazy forgetting-to-focus-properly ways and carry on. I doubt I could write a convincing lengthy critique on this to persuade both you and Ioa that my view is right. :wink:

And then 4.0 will come along, and I’ll be stuck arguing with it…my poor novel will never get written…

Thanks for the consideration/explanation/rejection :slight_smile: