Have I lost everything?

So I sync’d a file to work on in Simplenote and now when I try to open it on my mac the only thing I see is the document I was working on not the seven years of research I expected.

The title shows “Journal - Updated Documents”. The title of the project was “Journal”. When I try to open the Journal scrivener all I get is “Journal - Updated Documents”

Trying to remain calm and collected.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You
PS If it’s any help I do have Time Capsule and a second Drive all backed up - though I suppose if it’s a disaster then I will have three versions of the same disaster!

Hard to tell what’s gone on here, I’m sure people with more technical knowledge than I will be able to help you resolve that. But your backups will be OK.

Time Machine creates regular back-ups and, for want of a better description, “time stamps” changes. So if you enter Time Machine (“enter” is the way Apple describe it) you will be able to choose which date you go back to. Simply choose a date/time for your Scrivener project from before you synced with Simplenote and restore it to your hard-disk. At that point, all should be as it was.

Thanks for that.
Found the file for the day before then had to leave computer before it restored it.
I will check back in a while.
Kind regards,

If I read your description literally, it sounds like you might not be familiar with what a Collection looks like? When the project opened after syncing, was the sidebar bright yellow instead of blue, and only showing that one document that had been edited on the go? If so, then your project was in a state no more harmful than a search result. You could click the Collections button to show tabs, and you’d then see the Binder tab, Project Research, and this yellow “Updated Dcouments” collection which is created and maintained by Scrivener to list those files that have been altered by the last automated process (Simplenote sync, in this case).

Without tabs open, you can always close a Collection list (or search result) by clicking the X in the Binder sidebar footer area.

Many thanks for the explanation.
Your description was exact and to my shame I had not understood the idea of collections. A couple of clicks and everything was fine!
Thank you so much - note to self - read the manual!

Now I understand how it works.

BTW the Time Machine option worked so all would not have been lost.
Many thanks again for the support and such an amazing product.
Kind regards,