Have I lost my table of contents?

Hi all,

It’s been a couple of months now since I’ve used Scrivener and I logged in today to export my book into an epub format. I might just have forgotten how this works but inside my Draft folder my table of content seems to be missing and it is also not included when I compile the book. It’s really gone it seems - or have I just forgotten where to find it?

It is included in the Kindle version of my book that I have previously compiled but now I can’t find it…

I’m a beginner with this program and really appreciate your help :slight_smile:


Hello Sofia,

For eBooks the Table of Contents is usually generated as a function of the “compile.”

Open the compile dialog by going to “File > Compile.” Make sure that the “Compile For” option is set to an eBook type (ePub or Mobi), then go to the “Layout” section and make sure that “Generate HTML Table of Contents” is checked.

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Hi Jeff,

Exellent, this was just the right help :slight_smile: I knew there was something that I had forgotten to do.

Thanks a lot!!