Have I mentioned how much I love Scrivener lately?

Client sends back a draft with feedback. Additional information for three or four different sections of the manuscript, which he helpfully appended to the end of the Word document. With figures!

Pull the whole thing into Scrivener, chunkify his comments and the original text, shuffle pieces around using the corkboard, stick back together with Edit Scrivenings. Edit for redundancy and transitions. More shuffling to get the figures nicely numbered and in order. Ship nice clean final draft back to the client. Thanks, Keith!

Yeah, I could do it in Word. And have. But why on earth would I want to when Scrivener handles it so well?

(Incidentally, for those dealing with the Word Track Changes problem, the way I usually handle it is to just accept all – or some – changes and pull the draft back into Scrivener. At least for most of my projects, a full revision history isn’t necessary.)


Thanks Katherine!