Have not Purchased Yet - Need Help.

Hello, I am a podcaster, producer and editor. I have been thinking for quite sometime about purchasing Scrivener. I have been a life long MS Word user, but have recently switched to using Google Docs for most of my work. I beginning work on my own first book. My plan is to take the stories submitted to me by my listeners and create an anthology.

Here is the problem: I have 5 years of podcasts and show notes to go through to reclaim these stories. I am looking for and easy way to review the show notes, copy and paste the stories from them into a new project. Is this something the Scrivener software will help me do? Will I be able to import the Word doc files and the new google doc files into the same project?

Any thoughts would be appreciated,


Thank you for your interest in Scrivener. If you haven’t already, you might want to download our free trial. It allows 30 days of actual use, and is the best way to determine if Scrivener will meet your needs.

Scrivener will import Word files. It will not import Google Docs files directly, but can import several of the formats that Google Docs can create. (RTF and DOCX are probably the best options.) And yes, it can import both into the same project.

The kind of “consolidate and edit” project that you describe is a very common use of Scrivener. I would recommend starting with the Interactive Tutorial project, available from the Help menu, as it’s a good overview of ways in which Scrivener differs from conventional word processors. For example, while reviewing show notes a more “Scrivener-like” approach would be to use the Document -> Split features to break each story into its own sub-document, then either make a Collection of the ones you want to use or drag-and-drop to a new project.