Have problem installing Scrivener on Windows 8

I have a problem installing Scrivener on my Lenovo Thinkpad x230 - i5, 8 GB RAM, Windows 8 x64.
Installer launches and opens a small empty window - no buttons, texts, anything. My desktop runs it just fine, so I need some clue on this problem.

Tried to reinstall Microsoft Redistributable C++ Runtime, the problem persists. All Windows updates and system drivers are up to date.

Below is the screen shot of the problem:

Hope somebody have a clue.

Antivirus? Firewall? Did you try installing Scriv as admin? Redownload Scriv again, maybe download was corrupt?

I even managed to install Scriv on my old netbook with a fresh installed Win8/64, so it should work.

Good luck.

If the fresh download of the installer doesn’t work, you might try installing in Safe Mode. Other than a corrupt download, it sounds like a conflict preventing the installer loading properly, which might run a lot deeper than Safe Mode will fix, but it’s still worth a try. The other case I’ve seen of this, a year or so ago, the problem ended up being with some missing core files on the user’s computer, which was resolved I believe when he restored an earlier backup of his system.

Thank you all, the problem is solved, but I still have no idea what caused it. Just in case somebody will encounter the same issue: I’ve created another user with Admin rights, logged in, and was able to install!

Now it works just fine under all users, and I’ve already bought it :slight_smile:. Great piece of software, much bettere then Windows 8 itself.