Have the random crashes been fixed yet?

I’ve tried to upgrade to 1.5xxx but end up returning to 1.2 because in 1.5 versions, Scrivener will simply close at erratic intervals. Scrivener 1.2 works fine, but someday I’d like to move up and have the new bells and whistles.

So has the crash bug been fixed?

1.5.6 includes changes to the code that should resolve the crashing experienced (mainly by some XP users) where clicking around in the binder and such produced apparently random crashes. I recommend updating and trying it out; if you’re still getting a lot of crashing, please let us know as much about your operating system, hardware, and steps leading up to the crash as you can–I realise with a random crash the last bit is difficult, but without being able to ever reproduce a crash, it is extremely difficult to fix, so as many hints as you can give us help. Older versions are still available for download from the change log on our site, and you can keep your 1.2.5 installer if you already have it in case you need to revert. Hopefully 1.5.6 will correct the problem and you won’t need it!