Have to Open .scriv File to Open

When I first started the software the other day, I was able to just select the .scriv folder, and the project would open; however, now I have to go inside of the folder and open the XML file inside of the folder. The project still opens, and I can’t detect any problems, but is it supposed to do this? Will it cause any problems I’m not aware of?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong…

The scenario you describe is supported by OS X on the Mac, but not Windows.

On the Mac (OS X), an application can create specialized folders, referred to as packages, for which a first file (or file type?) inside the folder to be launched is specified. Contents of such package folders are normally hidden, so as to be seen and treated conceptually as single items. Do an open/launch on such a package and finding that first file is handled behind the scenes. But behind the scenes, a project is still a folder with a number of subfolders and files inside it.

Windows doesn’t support that . One must deal with and navigate into project folders (named whatever one named the project, with .scriv on the end of the name), where the project’s .scrivx index file and various other subfolders and files are contained… and the .scrivx file has to be opened/launched. For convenience, once a project has been created, one can create a shortcut to the .scrivx file on one’s desktop or pin it (essentially creates a shortcut for it?) to the task bar and use such to then open/launch the project without having to navigate into the folder. Likewise, in Scrivener, File > Recent Projects will present a list of recently opened projects and one can simply click an item in the list and the folder/index business is handled automatically.

So, not as convenient as on a Mac, but will not cause problems.

I’d like to see this capability on/in Windows, but am confident it’s not offered as a standard/default capability (if it were, would likely have gotten some coverage here and elsewhere)… and wasn’t able to turn up mention of a third party add-on utility that would provide it via a (very) quick search. Doesn’t mean there’s not one out there. One could be programmed.

I see now. For some reason, it seems that I thought you were supposed to open the file from the .scriv folder, but it seems opening from the .xml file inside is how it’s supposed to work.