Having Difficulty Downloading/Registering

I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener and I’ve been able to do a lot of work on it in the 30 days I was given. I purchased it online three days ago. I am now having problems when I try to register. I have cut and pasted as asked. I also have beed reading the forum to find similar problems. I then learned it may be because I purchased the 2.0 version. I then decided to download the 2.0 version. When it comes time to put in my admin password, a small screen shows up that says Scrivener does not have permission to download? I only have 4 days left with my trial and 30 days worth of work. If you have any advice I’d really appreciate it.
Starting to get a little nervous
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Thanks for buying, sorry you’re having problems. Are you using any anti-virus software that blocks downloads at all? This is very strange, I’ve never heard of this one before.

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I’m having a similar problem. This morning I tried to update from 1.5.4 to 2.0 via the Paid Update popup that appears when the application launches. Upgrading prompts the download and install procedure and then it asks to restart. When it does, I still have 1.5.4. Although there is a copy of Scrivener in the trash, the copy in Applications/Misc remains 1.5.4 as well.

I tried three times. Each time the upgrade failed. Once the application did not restart on its own, but when I restarted it manually, it was still 1.5.4.

I thought about simply downloading a new trial version, assuming that would be 2.0 and then registering, but then I’d probably have to pay $45 when I really shouldnt, so that’s not a solution. Seems like to do the Paid Update for 1.5.4 users and pay $25, I have to do it through the app’s Check for Updates function, but its not working.

I’ve got nothing that blocks downloads. It says its successfully downloaded and everything, and prompts to Relaunch and Install. Its just when it comes back, nothing has happened. I’m on Mac OS 10.5.8 on a G5 PPC.


If you read the full instructions in the panel, it does in fact explain that you should go and download 2.0 from the website and that if you click on “Install Update” all it will do is download and install another copy of 1.54. (It doesn’t matter how you download - as long as you go to the update web page and enter your registered e-mail address, you get the update pricing.)

I know this seems an odd way of doing it, but the problem is that the version of the Sparkle updater Scrivener 1.x uses to issue those update notifications won’t work unless there is a file available for downloading and installing over the current version, so there’s no way of disabling the “Install Update” button. Originally I had it set so that “Install Update” would indeed download and install 2.0, which to me seems the better behaviour, but unfortunately we received a handful of very, very angry e-mails accusing us of extortion and unethical behaviour from users who hadn’t red the big, red bold type explaining that this was a paid update, and who thought we were trying to force them into updating and paying (which we weren’t, as explained in the update notice, and 1.54 is still available on our site for those who don’t wish to upgrade…).

Hope that helps.

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Oh, lol. Sorry for overlooking that. I agree its far more obvious behavior to install the update from the popup there. So obvious, in fact, I overlooked the fine print that said to do otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry for the unnecessary post.

I do agree, but sadly, having confused users is better than having really angry users swearing at us. :slight_smile: