having 'foreign' files inside a scrivener project ?

I’d like to have some files (say .odt .odg) saved in my scrivener project (in the research folder or a another specific folder) so that they would be saved with the backups.

I then would just put a link to those files in my text and they would open in their software for modifications then (and would not be included in the compilation of course) and be saved by the software inside the project.

So this is different that importing : it is having foreign files stored in a scrivener project. Is that possible ?

Thank you.

If you want the material stored in the project, then just drop it into the binder like you would any other type of file. If you are using OS 10.7+, and that file type has a Quick Look preview, you’ll be able to view that in the main editor when you click on it. Otherwise you’ll get an icon you can double-click on to load. Either way you can load the material in its default external editor by clicking the “application” icon button at the bottom (hold it down to choose an alternate program), or by use Documents/Open/in External Editor (Ctrl-Cmd-O).

I should note there is an option that will prohibit ‘foreign’ file drops in the Import/Export preferences pane, “Import Options” tab. At the very top, make sure “Only import files fully support…” is disabled. It is by default, so unless that got toggled you shouldn’t have a problem doing the above.

Thanks for your explanations : it work well with a .pps files because Scrivener does not know how to import it and convert it to .rtf but for an .odt file scrivener converts it to rtf and I do not want that.

Would there be a way to put a .odt (or other) file in the binder while preventing it to be imported (and converted) ?

In the case of word processor formats that Scrivener recognises, no there is no way to insert them as un-editable research material. We may consider allowing that at some point, but the main reason we have not thus far is to avoid the inevitable confusion of having text documents in the binder that cannot be edited, and having to build extra UI to allow doing so (since most often people would want text documents to be editable once they are imported). Meanwhile, external editing of internal text documents is disabled because Scrivener’s internal RTF format is not strictly conform to specifications (there are additional features that Scrivener supports that RTF itself is not capable of supporting, as well as its own internal footnoting and annotation features).

So in that particular case there isn’t a good solution for you. Text documents either need to be fully imported, or not imported at all and merely referred to via hyperlinks or the References list.