Having Problems With Chapters.

Hi all,

I’m new to Scrivener and although I’m loving it I’m having a real problem with my Chapter setup.

I was hoping someone here may be able to help.

I am writing in the “novel standard manuscript format” which includes by default the first chapter folder already setup.

I have also setup another 2 Chapter folders however these 2 are not showing up as Chapters when viewing the full manuscript. The writings inside are showing up fine but are just showing us as a continuation of the first chapter with no break for chapter 2, chapter 3 etc.

I have all the chapter folders set to a “chapter” tag and ticked “include in manuscript, page break before and preserve formatting” so as far as I can work out all the chapters are formatted the same but only the default Chapter 1 is showing in the manuscript as a Chapter?

I hope this makes sense.

If anyone could give me some advice I’d be really grateful as it’s driving me a little nuts!

Thanks in advance.


Have you read the instructions at the top of the novel format template? If so, have you checked that subsequent folders have the “Chapter <$n>” text inside them (that is, when you select the folder and turn off corkboard view, do they have text the same as the first)?


For future reference, it’s often easiest when creating new chapter folders, to use the Documents/Simple Duplicate feature. This will create a copy of the selected folder, but not its children, and it won’t change the name to “Chapter copy”. This way you don’t have to set up the label and other settings, and you can sure that the folder’s text is set properly, too.

Fantastic, thank you.

Somehow I hadn’t formatted the folders as chapters but have just deleted them and made two copies using the simple duplicate as you say.

Thanks again.

One key thing to look for, when folders aren’t exporting as you thought they should, is icon differentiation. The folder icon of the sample chapter in the template has a little “page” of text in the corner of it, and the others you had created probably did not. This icon indicates that the folder has text attached to it, which as Keith pointed out, you can view or edit by dismissing the Corkboard (or Outliner as the case may be). Quite simply, compile was set up right and exporting everything the way you told it to, but because your folders didn’t have any text in them there wasn’t a chapter line.

When you used Simple Duplicate, you got a copy of the embedded folder text included—and thus it worked.

Hope that makes more sense. Realising that folders can have text, like ordinary files, is one of the unique things Scrivener allows you to do.